My Forever Wedding Date


We got to celebrate one of my bridesmaids marry her best friend! This was the first wedding we attended as a married couple. We can’t wait for so many more! Daniel & Chelsea, we love you!
Bridesmaid dresses are Jenny Yoo Annabelle

10 Things My First European Trip Taught Me

I recently returned from my honeymoon (and my first European trip since I was a baby!) My husband and I visited Santorini, but also spent a night in Athens, and a night in London. While I certainly don’t claim to know everything about Europe, I wanted to share 10 things I learned while abroad.


  1. It’s not all glamorous. Travel can be frustrating and exhausting, but oh-so worth it.
  2. Talk to the locals for recommendations on restaurants, beaches, etc . Get away from the popular tourist locations because the views are just as beautiful, but you don’t have to share the experience with dozens/hundreds of others.Wedding-10
  3. Expectations lead to disappointment. Try to go with an open mind and you will enjoy your time even more!
  4. You will miss routine and “normalcy”. But then when you get back home, you will miss the craziness of travel. It’s a cycle.Honeymoon-20
  5. The little things are what get the most expensive. Buying drinks with dinner. Paying for taxis and transportation. It can be really easy to spend an extra $20 a day that you don’t NEED to spend. But if you’re smart and plan ahead, you can avoid these costs and save a lot of money.


  6. Don’t try to see too much in a short period of time. We spent 8 nights in Santorini. I thought that would be too much and I was worried we would get bored. But there was SO much to see, plus we still had time to relax. We met several people who only had 24-48 hours on the island, which is still great, but I can’t imagine how you’d get an authentic experience in such a rushed period of time. Not to mention, staying in one place for longer will save you money on travel expenses!
  7. European airlines aren’t the same as North American airlines. I had read about the lack of leg space, and the expensive baggage charges, but it was even worse than I expected. On our Vueling flight, my knees actually hit the seat in front of me before the person even put it in recline. After, it was even worse. They also didn’t offer us water, snacks, etc. unless you wanted to pay for it!
  8. Water isn’t free at most restaurants. You can ask for tap water, but it isn’t safe to drink everywhere. We bought a 6-pack of water every few days because this girl needs to stay hydrated!


  9. You’ll miss your own bathroom. The bathrooms aren’t cleaned to the same standard as ours at home, you often have to pay to use them, and sometimes you aren’t allowed to throw your toilet paper in the toilet. I was pretty excited to be back in a Canadian airport with a “normal” toilet.
  10. It truly will change you, you’ll come home a different person with stories, experiences and lessons that you’ll cherish forever.



[Newlywed] Date Night In


Now that we’re married, time seems to be passing SO quickly. Even though we spend so much time together, we both think it’s so important to spend quality time together. We don’t always want to go out and spend money, so sometimes a date night at home is exactly what we need! Here are some ideas for the perfect date night at home:

  1. Build a blanket fort. This past weekend we built a blanket fort in our living room and camped out there most of the weekend. It was the perfect, relaxing weekend.
  2. Board games. Pull out your favourite board game, and get competitive!
  3. Acro Yoga. This is one of our new favourite things. If you and your partner enjoy working out/yoga, give this a try. There are lots of beginner tutorials on Youtube to try out.
  4. Try a new Pinterest recipe. Find a recipe you’ve been dying to make. You might have to head out to the grocery store for supplies, but it will be worth it.
  5. Go through old photo albums. This never gets old!
  6. Chocolate fondue, melt some chocolate and see how many things you can dip in it.
  7. Write out your bucket list. It could be personal bucket lists, or a list of things you want to do together.
  8. Sit outside and people watch.
  9. Write each other letters. Either read them right away or save them for another time.
  10. Make homemade pizza. Use whatever toppings you have available.

photo-4photo-2photo-5photophoto-7Newlywed Date Night In.jpg

Gifts for my Girls

Bridesmaid Robes Pretty wrapping Bridesmaid gift boxPersonal Bridesmaid Gifts Bridesmaid Robes Brown Paper Wrapping Bridesmaids Bridesmaid BoxBridesmaid Personalized Gift Bridesmaids Opening Gifts Bridesmaids in the Morning Personal Bridesmaid Box

As much as I love all my wedding photos, there’s something about this series that I ADORE so much. I love and miss my girls!


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The Little Details


Planning the little details was one of my very favourite parts of wedding planning. I wanted the day to represent who we are as individuals and as a couple, and I believe it did exactly that. Seeing all the details come together makes the hours of hard work completely worth the hours we put into it.

Just Another Santorini Travel Guide


So you’ve decided (or are deciding) to go to Santorini, and now you’re wondering what you should do during your time there. Santorini seems to be a stopover destination. Most people we met were only there 2-3 days. My advice, STAY LONGER. I mean, if all you have is a few days, you’ll still have an amazing time. But there truly are enough things to do on the island to fill an entire week (or longer!).


Here are five of my favourite activities to do in Santorini!

Wedding-111. Hike from Fira to Oia. We attempted this on one of the very first days of our trip. However, we weren’t aware you need to leave very early in the morning if you are hoping to complete this hike during the summer. With June temperatures of 40º+ Celsius, this is a tough hike midday. Leave at the break of dawn, and you’ll be alright! We made it about half way and it was still one of the highlights of our trip! Be sure to take the detour towards Skaros Rock! It’s an incredible view without the crowds!


2. Watch the sunset in Oia. Okay, I know this is on every Santorini list, but it truly is worth it. The crowds are insane, but it’s all part of the experience! We *trespassed* and watched the sunset from an abandoned villa! If you’re really organized, you can book a sunset dinner reservation several days in advance.

3. Book a sunset dinner reservation in Imerovigli. The view is just as good as Oia, there are less crowds, and the food is more affordable! We ate at Above Blue Suites, and I would highly recommend it.


4. Eat ALL the food. Seriously, I would go back just to eat Greek food all day long. Wedding-61

5. Sign up for a sunset boat cruise. This is the best way to see everything in one day!


6. Ride a donkey up or down the staircase to the Old Port in Fira. We took a donkey up the staircase after our boat cruise and it was one of the most memorable parts of our trip. The donkeys were hilarious, and we laughed so hard the whole time!


7. Visit the Red Beach. Actually, visit the Black & White Beaches also. But the Red Beach was gorgeous! Just keep in mind the red sand will stain your towels, clothes, and feet! My feet were red for days afterwards!


8. Rent an ATV! Everyone gets around the island on motor cycles & ATVs. There is public transit, but it’s not very convenient or reliable. We rented an ATV for two days, and it was an awesome way to see parts of the island that are less accessible. Honeymoon-119. Stay in a Greek villa. One of my only requirements about our accommodations was that it had to be a traditional Greek villa built in a cave! *Disclaimer* The photo below is not actually the place we stayed.Honeymoon-12

10. Talk to the locals and ask about their favourite restaurants, beaches, and attractions! Most of our favourite spots were recommended to us by the receptionist at our hotel!

Valentine’s Day in the Mountains

This is the 6th Valentine’s Day since Quinton and I started dating, but only the 1st that we’ve been able to spend together! We wanted to make it extra special, so we drove to our favourite spot and spent some time exploring the mountains! I’ve been here several times now, but I am still in complete awe every time. Pictures don’t even do this place justice. The mountains are SO huge, and completely surround you. I don’t think I could ever get sick of this! I can’t believe in 4 months I get to live in Alberta, and experience this on a regular basis!



We’re standing on a huge frozen lake! You could walk across the lake, and they even had horse drawn carriage rides & designated spots to play hockey



When we saw this wedding ceremony site we both said “Let’s cancel our venue and get married here”. haha, not actually happening!


We climbed back up to the exact spot we got engaged. It’s a little dirt part off the main path, and no one else was up there so we hung up our hammocks and enjoyed the view until we got too cold!


A Very Blessed Christmas

This Christmas was nothing like we had expected. We had planned on doing a ton of wedding planning, fun Christmas-y activities & outings, as well as just relaxing and being together. But everything changed when my grandpa got really sick. We spent most of the month of December in my grandparents house where my grandpa was receiving care. The whole family was together and although it wasn’t the most “joyful” Christmas, I think it may have been the most special. He passed away in his own home on December 28, surrounded by his children singing hymns and reading Bible verses to him. We had a chance to celebrate his life, and we are thankful that he is in his forever home in Heaven.

I am so thankful all of this took place while Quinton was on Christmas leave, because he was my rock through it all. I couldn’t imagine having to go through that on my own, and I am so thankful that I will never have to. Here are the few pictures I did get over the holidays!






Get Outside


You know those days when all you want to do is watching Netflix, while wearing sweat pants, and no makeup… but a little voice in the back of your mind is telling you, “Go outside and do something?” Yea, this was one of those days.

IMG_5782 IMG_5779

I think my favourite thing about fall is the warm, golden lighting. It’s like every hour is golden hour under these trees!



Born to be a bride


It’s no secret, I LOVE wedding planning. I I love when people ask me about our wedding and I can gush about my dress, our venue, and all the little things in between. I’ve been so ahead of planning since day one, and I just find it so much fun. I joke that I was born to do this – I was born to be a bride.

I love planning the day that we become husband and wife. My biggest goal is that our friends and family will be able to see and experience the love we have for one another and the love we have for the Lord! I want the day to reflect who we are as individuals, but mostly who we are as a couple.

Having said that, I can’t wait to be married. I can’t wait until everything we have planned for so many years becomes a reality. I can’t wait to be a wife, I’m sure I’ll love it just as much as I love being a bride.

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