Car Necessities Box

You know those things you always wish you had with you?

Dental floss for those times you realize after you left the house that you have something stuck in your teeth. A hair elastic for those days you just get sick of your hair in your face. Hand lotion in the middle of the winter when your hand are so dry they start cracking. Allergy pills when you go to someone’s house without knowing they have four cats which you are extremely allergic to.

What you need:

– An empty shoe box, baby wipes container, or another small box

– Cute paper or fabric to cover the box (optional – I used a box I already had)

What I put in my box: Baby wipes, hairspray, hair elastic, clip, bobby pins, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, dental floss, tylenol, cold medication, allergy pills, tissues, feminine products, mirror, and an empty garbage bag

What I plan on adding: Safety pins, paper and pens




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