The Best Day

April 27, 2015 we were driving through Jasper National Park on our way to Edmonton. We tried to find somewhere to go for breakfast. After struggling to find somewhere serving breakfast, we finally decided on a restaurant. We ate breakfast and figured out where we wanted to go next.

Then we headed to Maligne Canyon. We parked at the 6th bridge and started walking towards the canyon. We talked about going on a long term hike and what we would wear/pack of we did so. We reached the canyon and decided to go off the main path and climb down to the waterfall. The river was dried out and Quinton just kept walking further up the river. He kept saying “all we need now is a view of the mountains”. He kept looking around like he was looking for something, and wasn’t really satisfied with the views (Which were AMAZING).



We got to the end of the river and climbed back up to the main path. Soon we saw a side path that led further up the mountain so we climbed up that. At the top we had a sweet view of the canyon and the surrounding mountains. Quinton kept complaining that the view wasn’t perfect. The clouds were too grey, we weren’t high enough, the mountain was cut off. I just told him to enjoy the view because it was amazing! We took my camera out to take pictures but I was missing a piece from the tripod. So we had to make a makeshift tripod on the ground. We didn’t love the first pictures we took, and Q was being especially picky. He was like “can we hang it in a tree to get a better angle”. I didn’t really know why he all of a sudden cared so much, but I wasn’t complaining. Then we realized the path went further so we turned the bend and the view got even better. I found a better place to put my camera. So I put it on 10 pictures and ran over and took a couple. Q kept asking “so it takes 10 right?”. He was like “let’s do one more photo”.

So I set up my timer, run over beside him and he gets down on one knee. Before he could say anything I said “ARE YOU SERIOUS?”, I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. He used my full name, and I don’t remember everything he said, but he told me that I’m the person he wants to spend his whole life with, and he wants to do adventures with me for the rest of his life. And that being with me is the best decision he ever made. Then he opened the ring box, which I didn’t even look at, and asked if I would marry him. Of course I said yes and hugged him before he even put the ring on my finger!


 Engagement-8 Engagement-9 Engagement-10


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