Make Your Own Wedding Binder

Staying organized is the key to enjoying the process of planning your wedding, and a well designed binder is the best way to do so!  I wanted to show a few ways I am keeping all my thoughts, ideas and information straight in my own wedding binder. As well, I am sharing the very detailed (and very long) checklist I created based on several checklists floating around Pinterest, Wedding Wire, The Knot, etc… I strongly encourage that brides personalize a checklist, and stick to it! By keeping up with your tasks, you are less likely to be overwhelmed in the weeks leading up to your wedding! IMG_5891-1IMG_5887

^^ In the back, I have a folder where I keep loose ends such as contracts that need to be hole-punched, colour samples, receipts, etc… IMG_5885

^^ I use Washi tape to attach business cards to the back of dividers to keep them organized and easy to see


^^ This ziplock holds fabric samples for bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, groomsmen attire, etc…

^^ I made my own dividers from scrapbook paper. Each aspect of the wedding has it’s own section.

IMG_5872 IMG_5869I keep everything all together. The washi tape stays attached to the binder, and I try to keep a pen as well as a highlighter in the back of the binder in case I need it!

Below are the checklists I have been using over the months. My engagement was 14 months, so they were created with that timeline in mind. Of course, if your engagement is longer or shorter, this can be customized by moving things around! Enjoy, and good luck planning!

PDF: WeddingChecklist

Microsoft Word: WeddingChecklist

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