[Newlywed] Date Night In


Now that we’re married, time seems to be passing SO quickly. Even though we spend so much time together, we both think it’s so important to spend quality time together. We don’t always want to go out and spend money, so sometimes a date night at home is exactly what we need! Here are some ideas for the perfect date night at home:

  1. Build a blanket fort. This past weekend we built a blanket fort in our living room and camped out there most of the weekend. It was the perfect, relaxing weekend.
  2. Board games. Pull out your favourite board game, and get competitive!
  3. Acro Yoga. This is one of our new favourite things. If you and your partner enjoy working out/yoga, give this a try. There are lots of beginner tutorials on Youtube to try out.
  4. Try a new Pinterest recipe. Find a recipe you’ve been dying to make. You might have to head out to the grocery store for supplies, but it will be worth it.
  5. Go through old photo albums. This never gets old!
  6. Chocolate fondue, melt some chocolate and see how many things you can dip in it.
  7. Write out your bucket list. It could be personal bucket lists, or a list of things you want to do together.
  8. Sit outside and people watch.
  9. Write each other letters. Either read them right away or save them for another time.
  10. Make homemade pizza. Use whatever toppings you have available.

photo-4photo-2photo-5photophoto-7Newlywed Date Night In.jpg

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